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Scribble On Me scented candles are infused, handcrafted, and poured for your pleasure no matter the special moment.  For the best enjoyment of the candles, it is best that you follow the instruction for proper care and longevity of our product.

Every scented candle is properly labeled with a Warning and Burning Instruction label.  You should always read before putting a light to the candle.  You are burning the candles at your own risk - do your part to keep safe.

Always burn your candles withing sight and reach.  Keep  away from flammable objects.  Keep away from children and pets.

Striking to light the candle wick is very important.  The first burn will create a pool of wax that may extend to the edges of the candle at the glass; this is normal.  There is no desired amount of time to burn your candles; however for every hour of burn time, you should check the level of your candle for safety precautions.  Burning candles for long periods of time will increase the intensity of the flame.  This can bring more smoke and excess carbon in the air.  

Always place your candles on a heat resistant surface and away from foreign objects.  Keep away from open windows and windy areas.

Trimming the wick is just as important for the life of your candle.  After the initial burn, you should use a toothpick or a long skewer to straighten the wick as it cools off for the first 10 seconds.  With the wick in the upright position, cut the tip of the wick 1/4 inches before the next use.  Using this proper care will provide a better light for the candle each use and prolong the life of it. 

If your candle wick is not centered in the wax; before it cools off, pull it towards the center of the jar to increase the optimum burn. 

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