A Touch of Rewards

Tell me about your experience with Scribble On Me, LLC products? It is my pleasure to service you and I want to keep engaging with you. Answer all of these questions and receive a 25% discount on your next order - discount will be sent to you.

  1. Why do you purchase candles?

  2. What fragrance(s) are your go to at all times?

  3. What stops you from trying other fragrances?

  4. What are your barriers of obtaining an awesome scented product?

  5. What are your unmet needs with candles?

  6. Tell me what you would like to see from us as we continue to launch new products?

  7. How did our product make you feel?

  8. Did our product linger throughout your home or rooms?

  9. Did our product fragrance exceed your expectations?

  10. How long are you burning your candles?

  11. Share any bad experiences you have had with candles period, no matter where you purchased from?

  12. How did you hear about Scribble On Me, LLC?

Your concerns are mine, so let me provide you a personal touch to helping you. Please refer Scribble On Me, LLC to others, share our posts and make comments on them.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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