Valentine's Day Orders

Get a head start now with ordering your secret crush, lover, or life partner now. Yes, now is the time because Scribble On Me, LLC is only creating 60 of these beautiful pieces and we want you to be within the number. The colors are red or pink for women and blue and white for the fellas. The men centerpieces have "My King" etched on the jars. We will have the best fragrances to set the mood and yes, somewhere someone is celebrating.

Scribble On Me, LLC has collaborated with a jewelry consultant to bring you lead and nickel free bracelets, earrings, rings, and necklaces for men and women. We also will be providing you the best chocolates that your crazy, sexy/handsome, lover are going to enjoy wrapping their lips around. Last but not least, we have some personal bottles of liqueur to sip on.

Valentine's Day is not just for women and whoever said it was apparently do not understand a man's passion and path. Let me help bring adoration and that sparkle in the eyes of the person you love. Well have them thinking about you everyday with our centerpieces and mood evoking lingering scents.

It's all about how you want to be perceived in their life - that's your why and we are here for you.


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