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Beard: Let him razzle you with his mane that is soft, easy to comb or brush, and irritant free. Our grooming beard oil provides a diaphanous sensual beard just for him.  Hair: Our hair tonic stimulating oil, spray, and whipped butter for hair to promote growth.  Our shampoo and conditioner cleanses and moisturizes hair follicles 



Hair Products

SKU: Beard & Hair Oils
PriceFrom $3.99
  • Our beard and hair oils may not be for everyone; however, we blend to create a fabulous serum that is lightweight and adds protection to your hair or mane.  As always do a twenty-four hour skin patch test to see if this product is right for you; our products contains essential oils, aloe, and herbs.  We are not responsible for allergic reactions or illnesses.

      1. Mane: Untamed Hair.

      2. Sensativity: Sensative Skin Types.

      3. Refreshing: Strong, Soothes, and Tones.

      4. Distinction: Focused and Calm

      5. Mighty Beard: Repairs and Conditions.

      6. Hydrating: Lightweight, Repairs and Conditions.

      7. Luxurious: Smoky.

      8. Woody: Warm and Smoky

      9. Pleasure: Very Pleasing.

    10. Earthly Nut: Evoking Woods.

    11. Tress: Thick and Untamed.

    12. What A Man: Clean Yet Spicy.

    *  *   *  *  *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *  * *  *  *  *

    1. Hair Tonic Growth Oil - Root 2 Tip

    2. Hair Growth Oil - Helve Base

    3. Chebe Hair Butter 

    4. Chebe Hair Tonic Spray

    5. Baldhead Moisturizer Oil

    6. Baldhead Moisturizing Butter

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