Scented Crafted Candles

 Why I love what I do

Scribble On Me is a scented candle business, whose brand of mood evoking scents and products will empower your surroundings.  It is all about the creativity of the mind from scents we know and love.  The passion of each fragrance is what makes your story ours.  It is the silky wax pressing, evoking heat, and thrilling fragrances we create by infusing scents that are sure to set the mood for any candle lover.  Scribbling in wax has found a way to melt the vessel with scents you don't want to be without.  These scented candles have sassy & powerful aromas that fill the air and lingers there to help set any romantic mood, odor cleansing, relaxing moments . 


We all know that the scents of candles speak what we don't necessarily say.  Scribble On Me is here to help you be passionate about the possibilities of being unique, fun, vibrant, sassy, and most of all - you.  Feel free to contact us and tell us what you what to see more of and we will show you what creativity can do.  


Mood Evoking
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