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Cohere With Scribble On Me

There is no lack of temerity in our products. Each item is carefully put together and created with you in mind. These products are handmade and therefore it is important to make sure each one is solidifies before sending on for you to enjoy. The mood evoking fragrances wraps you in its scents as it lingers even before you strike a light and continues through its flickering flame. That is the true meaning of an scented candle.

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Please Accept My Apology

We were recently notified that the shipping prices were affected with numerous site updates. We have made the necessary changes to reflect the proper shipping charges to our products. With every upda

Under Construction

Our website is currently down for updates. We will be back up soon. If you must want to place an order and you know what you want, please call it in and I can send you an invoice by email or mobile.


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