Taper Candleholders

We love the long elongated slim look of a taper candle and how it sits high above for all to see. At times the candle you purchase does not fit into the holder and it is more of a hassle than it does good for you mentally. Who wants to purchase something just to get angry because he/she can't get it to work. Here are some great tips to help you solve taper candles and candleholders problems.

Candleholder too small: You can trim the base end around the bottom and go no higher up than 1/3" to keep the trim part hidden. After each trim, try it to see if it fits. Repeat the process until it works for your holder.

Candleholder too big: You can do one of two things. First one is to take a lighter and melt the bottom into the holder and set your taper candle in it - allowing it to cool and harden. Second, you can take some masking tape and go around the base end to increase the base end size. After a couple of wraps, test it to see if it fits. Repeat the process until it fits your holder.

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