If you are hosting a fundraising event and looking for good quality products to sell; we have scented candles products for your event with 30% of the proceeds from your sales. From parents and teachers, child providers and centers to shelters. It is important for everyone to have the opportunity to experience travels, field trips and activities - the list is endless. Most public places can only cover a fraction of the costs to manage the daily operations of required materials, supplies, and child care.


Our fundraising products are for everyone including groups, shelters, project housing, organizations, and centers. Together we can raise money, build-up the community, and help each other a day at a time. If you have a dream, you can find hope here within our products. Achieve Through Fundraising and Contact us to receive an Order Form to raise funds for your organization. Have your coordinator reach out to us using the contact page for the Order Form. Our candles are handcrafted mood evoking fragrance candles with quality burn time, premium wax, 4 fabulous scents, and longevity aromas.


Fundraising Items 16.4oz Flared Jars, 8oz Status Jar, and 2ct - 4x3 Sachet Bags


Schools: Books, Uniforms, Sports, Band, Choir, Travel, PTA, Field, New Equipment.

Child Care & Providers: Zoo, Museum, Parks, Library, Water Adventure Trips

Shelters: Food, Clothing, Shoes, Medication, Hygiene, Building Fund, Support Groups, etc. Churches: Choir Robes, Travel, Community Awareness, Building Fund, and so much more.


Current Fundraising Participants
  • We only show the current organizations that have active fundraising with us.  We do not list any prior organizations. 

    People may participate in your fundraising event by purchasing online as well.  Select the organization name and your purchase will be added to their sales.

  • Covenant Faith Ministries

    Malaysia Burton Tony Nelson

    1. Strawberry Cream

    2. Cranberry Chutney

    3. Chai Tea

    4. Hibiscus White Amber

    1. Asian Dark & Spice

    2. Cinnamon Bun

    3. Strawberry Cream

    4. Lick Me All Over

    1. Redwood Incense

    2. Amber & Black Cardamon

    3. Apricot Chamomile

    4. Creme Brulee



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