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This Section is for Fundraising and Business Clients Only! 


Cause related marketing products are for everyone: promotional items, groups, shelters, project housing, organizations, churches, and centers. Together we can build-up the community, and help each other a day at a time.  If you have a dream, you can find hope here within our products as you sell to meet your goal.  Achieve through fundraising by using our cause related products; contact us to receive an Order Form.  Fundraising will receive 30% from every paid sale.  Group Participants receive 30% off discount on total order over $350.00.  Orders of $175.00 to  $349.99 will receive 12% off discount on total order.  Our candles are handcrafted mood evoking fragrance candles with quality burn time, premium wax, the client can choose up to 4 fabulous lingering scents.  Our therapuetic massage essential oils are sold in 1/2 gallon and 1 gallon only for businesses.   Our sachet pouches are great for any small space, locker, or bag.


We only show current participants that have active orders; prior participants info will not be displayed.  Individuals that do not reside in your area may also purchase to support your event online. 


For pricing and invoice, please fill out and complete the Wholesale form on click here.


Notice: Shipping is added to all orders. Orders placed online are shipped out faster to the recipient.  Local orders have option of delivery within a certain mile radius.

Cause Related Marketing

SKU: Fundraising
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    Safe Hands



    1. Soothing Triblend

    (Massage Oil)

    2. Identity

    (Massage Oil)

    1. Soothing Foot



  • The picture next to Group name is just a sample to show you what product they/he/she is selling.  Items will vary in color and decor.

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