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Wow!  These irresistable luminance hurricane hollow candles that help set the tone and mood for any occasion' add tealights or flowers to complete your piece.  Place a picture, words, or artwork to brighten up the the surface or source in your life.  Comes in two styles: Round & Square.  Available in any color, scented, or unscented. 


Rent these for your events: Weddings or Gatherings.  Comes with LED lights in white or ivory only.  May add stencil name or figurine to candles.  Contact us by using the contact page for more information.  


Memorial candles for your loved ones:  Place flowers or trinkets inside to decorate.  Memorial Candles are may have up to 4 types of decorations.  Speak with a planner today for more information.

Hurricane Candles

PriceFrom $10.00
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