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Keep your body supported with these nasal inhalers that are great for immune support, fights against colds, covid, flu and other bacteria/germs in the air; that may cause sickness. Awaken your senses with these therapeutic grade essential oil proprietary, stimulating, blends in an refillable container. When you are ready for a refill, simply order your mail-in packet with return shipping and we will send you the packet to mail back to us. We will disinfect, sanitize the unit, refill it and send it back to you.  As with any blend, you may receive a call from us to ensure proper blending techniques and safety is being followed before nasal inhaler is created.

Nasal Inhalers

SKU: Nasal Inhaler
PriceFrom $8.50
  • Product is to be used as a temporary relief; inhaling too much can cause sneezing, headaches, or frequent nasal discharge.  To prevent the spread of infections, colds, covid, or flu - do not share with others.

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