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Etching and engraving is a personalization service provided by Scribble On Me, LLC.  Let us help make your individual, business, organization, and special event such as weddings and anniversary stand out with products you will be proud to share.  Glass, leather, wood, metal, books, jewelry, and so much more.  


Products: crystal, name plates, and other items besides wood and acrylic, quotes are provided for service via the contact page.  Services starts at twenty-five dollars for mock-ups and applied towards invoiced bill.  


Wooden Lids

We create wooden lids for your jars or cement containers with your business logo and name on it.  Please contact us so that we can get proper measurements or details from you regarding your jars.  If you choose to send us a jar to work from, the cost will be deducted from your total.  Initial non-refundable mock-up cost is $25.00  All mock-ups will be sent by email for verification before processing order.


Wooden Ink Stamp

Handcrafted custom wooden ink stamp made with our very best wood and machines for your unique logo or address.  Initial non-refundable mock-up cost is $25.00 All mock-ups will be sent by email for verification before processing order.


ShirtsAny shirts requested are simple designs, these are not sublimations.  Print or script writing styles used along with multitude of colors.  Any simple designs must be sent by the app; please download if you are submitting a design/picture.


Please let us know if you want a particular color.  We will do our very best to match the swatch or provide you what we have on hand.  Use the app to send picture; check pixals and the quality of light is very important, so be sure to use an area with good light.

Personalization Services

PriceFrom $9.00

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