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Pillar Candles - These candles have many options that are open to be symbolized.  Express your love by remembering the one you love by placing a picture on a candle and share the memories that melts your heart.  Add a ribbon to celebrate an occasion or party; also show off your child(ren) artwork.  A great way to keep their gift melting your heart while adding a creatve space to your room.


Yin Yang - Set of 2 pillar 26oz candles that creates one symbol; that actually complements, interconnects, and are interdependent of one another. The Yin Yang allows harmony and balance; giving rise to each other as they interrelate to one another.


Pyramid - Solid four sides and makes a bold appearance.  Pyramid pillars are great for conversation starters, attractions, and mediations.  Reach higher realms of consciousness by purifying and clearing your mind.


Taper Candles - Create the look you want with these set of 2ct - 5" or 10" long solid filled gracefully long dignified taper candles; great for church, weddings, memorials and more.


Pillar Bases are sold here as well; be sure to add it to your cart to add a nice appeal without the wax smears on your table or counter tops.

Pillar & Taper Candles

PriceFrom $2.00
  • The decorations are already added into the charges so why not get them.  Etching into the candle is an option and limits apply for drawings etched.  You are limited to two decorations for each candle. 

    **If you choose to have pictures or words please use the file submission box**

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