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Introducing our Mollescents Melts the perfect way to fill your home with delightful fragrance. Made with high-quality wax, these melts are designed to slowly release their aroma over time, creating an inviting atmosphere in any room.  Allowing you to mix and match scents or use them separately to customize your fragrance experience. Simply place a melt in a wax warmer and let it work its magic, filling the air with the delightful scent of your choice. Whether you prefer soothing lavender, invigorating citrus, or warm vanilla, our Mollescents Melts has a scent for every mood and occasion.


  • Container Melts - Square or Triangle shaped 6ct. 
  • Decorative Melts - Come in a set of 10 in a nice small pouch. 
  • Mini Melt Votive - Small no wick votive for the the plate warmer 4ct. Plate Warmer sold separately.

Mollescents Melts 2pk

PriceFrom $5.25

Father's Day!

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