scribble on me candles are scented, mood evoking, with a fragrance that lingers and each one holds a memory that is special to you!


If you do not see the fragrance or essential oil that you want; please use the contact page to reach out and request it.

We cannot post all of the fragrances and essential oils on our page.  Thank you for understanding.

Gift Cards


Military Pride


Service Members

Makes a great home warming gift.

Bless your new home with a

personalized scented candle.

Honor your hero

by lighting up their life.

Add a unique & personal touch

Honor our Military Members:

Memorial Services


Distinguished Awards Ceremonies

Memorial Candles

Celebrate the life of your loved one by personalizing a candle with their name, photo, dates, or short poem on it.  Cherish the memories of the ones you love and show it off in your home or where-ever you feel their presence is needed in the area. 

Provide us the detailed information and someone from our office will contact you to re-verify the item(s). 

Scribble On Me

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Designer Oils

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