Scribble On Me, LLC.


Scribble On Me candles are mood evoking, with a fragrance that lingers and each one holds a memory that is special to you!

Engraving & Etching Services

Awards, Recognitions, and Promotional items has never looked with our laser cutter and engraving services to cut, engrave, and shape designs from an variety of materials.  Allow Scribble On Me, LLC., to help you discover what is possible.  We can print on glass, jewelry, toys, art, containers, ceramics, metals, crystal, name plates, leather goods, treats and more.  We provide services for schools, organizations, businesses, and individual needs.  

Resin Art Designs

Creating through wonderful ways to bring art into your homes.  Working with resin means creating unique pieces made with wood, vinyl, acrylics, and more.  Capturing the essence of inspiring innovative things is awesome.  As an artist expanding on talent, we are opening the doors of creativity with each exhilarating work of art for artisan boards, plaques, placemats, coasters, and glasses.

Supporting Troops


Military Pride


Service Members/Veterans

We support our Reserves & Active Duty Military & Veterans.  It makes sense to give back to those who gave to us; for this we provide a discount off of all purchases.

Honor the hero in your life

by lighting up theirs with mood evoking scents.

Add a unique & personal touch

Honor our Military Members:


Memorial Services


Distinguished Awards Ceremonies

Memorial Candles

Celebrate the life of your loved one by personalizing a candle with their name, photo, dates, or short poem on it.  Cherish the memories of the ones you love and show it off in your home or where-ever you feel their presence is needed in the area. 

Provide us the detailed information and someone from our office will contact you to re-verify the item(s). 

Socially Lupus Fundraising

Scribble On Me, LLC. is hosting an fundraiser on behalf of Socially Lupus.  Socially Lupus is seeking to donate $1000 minimum to The Lupus Foundation Center of America, located in Washington, DC.  Donating to this cause will help people who are suffering from lupus, have a loved one that may have lupus or that has died from lupus.  For every product purchased through Scribble On Me, LLC under the Cause Related Marketing for Socially Lupus; we will donate 30% of its proceeds to their cause.  Understanding that Scribble On Me, LLC is for profit and will work to help Socially Lupus reach their goal.  SUPPORT TODAY and answer the call to help thousands of people fight a disease without a cure.  If you do not want to purchase any of the selected products pre-selected by Socially Lupus, you can donate to the cause here.  DONATE NOW!  Any amount can help Socially Lupus reach their goal.  Socially Lupus is seeking to send out its donation to The Lupus Foundation Center of America by December 2021; hoping to provide its donation in time for Christmas.  This fundraiser will remain in affect until Socially Lupus reach their goal.

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