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Controversy Is Always Near....

People love candles and it doesn't matter where you go; however, there seems to be controversy in regards to colors and scents. I always say, if you like it don't worry about what the others think. Your opinion matters! If we all did the same thing, acted the same way, sounded the same, and looked the same it would get boring quickly.

For years the neutral ivory color of candles ruled the scented/unscented candle industry. When color came about, adding its vibrant - bright - deep hues people enjoyed the versatility. Now, this did cause some folks to cry foul and said it was the tackiest thing to have color in candles. I say to each its own! You can do a great deal with color if used properly in its setting. Candles should be looked at as decor for your room - no matter how small or spacious. Use the colors of your home furniture or curtains to help add elegance; its a great way to draw the eye to certain areas of your rooms.

Big is not always best. Small votive candles are wonderful in rooms with a lot of things if used properly. One or two here and there will add flare to the room especially if it has the accent colors - that makes it pop. Surprisingly black candles are really becoming in settings that has lots of color. The black draws you in by breaking up the bright colors and evening the tone. Trust me on this, it works! From vintage to cozy or formal and modern candles can really uplift your home, romantic moments, office, or vacations.

Fragrances are awesome and they can be sweet, floral, pleasing, bold, spicy, soft, or fruity. I must admit that I enjoy blending fragrances to create a new scent. BEWARE - it can be toxic if mixing the wrong fragrance or essential oils together. Essential oils are natural and has the extracted plant or other origin source. I say its raw and more potent. There are a lot of awesome fragrances and essential oils for candles and then there are some that should not be in existence- my opinion. To each its own. These are the components that create controversy with candles; however it is how you the consumer use them that makes it worth having.

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